January 2011 retrospective: Poems galore and a book of the month

So, January’s about to finish and it’s time to look back on my writing and reading experience and see if I got off to a good start in my quest to become a fiction writer … a published one, that is! First up, I managed to read a few good and a couple of not so good books this month – you can always check my full 2011 reading list for details, but in summary this month I read the following:

  1. Twenty-Somewhereby Kristan Hoffman
  2. Dexter Is Deliciousby Jeff Lindsay
  3. The Still Pointby Amy Sackville
  4. Dancing In The Moonlightby Raeanne Thayne
  5. Indelible Inkby Fiona McGregor
  6. In the Wakeby Per Petersen

And the clear winner for January’s book of the month for me is Fiona McGregor’s Indelible Ink – not just because I’m being patriotic about Australian literature but because it was the most interesting novel for me, one where I enjoyed every character and wasn’t quite sure where things were headed.

As for writing, my January focus was on writing a Poem A Day as part of a community of writers undertaking the challenge together. Today is January 31, and although I haven’t yet posted my final poem in the community forum, I have drafted it, and I have 30 other poems all finished as well, so I’d say I’ve successfully completed January’s goal. Not only that, but I think my writing will have all kinds of benefits from this month of poetry writing, so many in fact that I’ll tell you about them in another post (where I’ll be brave enough to share a poem or two from my new collection of them! – most of them are very average though so don’t get your hopes up).

This month-by-month focus is definitely going to work better for me I think – my goals are in a manageable size and shape, so to speak. I’m already itching to get going on my February task of revising Kanako’s Foreigner.

How are your goals or tasks going so far in 2011? Do let me know, a problem shared is a problem halved – and we can celebrate any success together.

Amanda Kendle

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  1. Well, haha, quitting my day job kind of threw my 2011 goals for a loop. But in a good way, of course!

    So far I think I’m on track — still bringing new pages to my crit group each week — but I am also going to be more ambitious now that I can focus on my writing full-time.

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