February reading list and book of the month

Considering how short February is and how speedily it has flashed by, I’m almost surprised that I did manage to finish a few books. This month I got through:

  1. Heart Songsby Annie Proulx
  2. The Legacyby Kirsten Tranter
  3. Be Near Meby Andrew O’Hagan
  4. Why You Are Australian by Nikki Gemmell

Now, without meaning to get boring with my theme of Australian literary fiction writers, I have to admit that my favourite book this month was Kirsten Tranter’s The Legacy. Although it didn’t strike me as particularly literary and not as “beautifully written” as Nikki Gemmell’s non-fiction work, the story was all-important here – a bit of mystery, a bit of suspense, some intriguing characters. It’s a close call though, because Gemmell’s sentimental book on a 1970s/80s Australian childhood, comparing it to raising a child here now, and musing on the culture shock of returning to Australian from Europe, obviously all hit home for me, and I consumed the entire book within a day, but still, Tranter’s interesting story won me over. I’m looking forward to hearing her speak at the Perth Writers Festival next weekend.

Coming up for the next month, I’ve got a pile of books ready to dive into, a few more related to Writers Festival visitors (I can never get through all the ones I want to between the programme announcement in January and the festival itself at the start of March) and a couple on my iPad Kindle app – classics and other genres (but not romance again. I’m totally over that idea.) What books are on your reading pile for the next month?

Amanda Kendle


  1. I just finished THE BOOK THIEF and FLASH BURNOUT, both of which were quite good. Next up I need to finish a couple books I started back in 2010: THREAD OF SKY, THE SECRET MIRACLE, and HALF THE SKY. I have a feeling a few new titles will sneak in, though… After all, I have over a dozen samples on my Kindle!

  2. Kristan, “quite good” for The Book Thief, I’m disappointed!!! I adored that book. I was waiting for you to say it was great then I was going to show off that it was written by an Australian!

  3. LOL so true! I should add a dozen other books to this list! So what if they average perhaps a hundred words in the whole book (and sometimes none) – I have read them dozens of times so that probably makes the equivalent of a whole book!!!

    On that note I have no idea how people write books for young children. I could never keep my ramblings that short. As you can see.

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