Today’s for loving libraries (easy for me)

While many of you might know today as Valentine’s Day, my husband doesn’t usually recognise this event and luckily for him, I have also discovered that it is also Library Lovers’ Day here in Australia. Since I do sincerely love libraries, that seems a reasonable substitute and instead of a big bunch of flowers I’ll be happy to have an extra half hour or so to delve into one of the numerous exciting novels I currently have on loan from my local library.

Whichever way you’re celebrating, have a terrific day, and keep an eye out this week for news on my success (or otherwise …?) with my February goal of revising my novel. As a teaser, let’s just say it’s not going quite as well as the January month of poetry did – but more later. I’m off to enjoy a good book. Happy Valentine’s Day and Happy Library Lovers’ Day!

[Thanks to Andrew Stawarz for the pic]

Amanda Kendle

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