A reading slump with a writing stint on the horizon

Something happened to me this past month that has not happened to me for a very long time and perhaps even ever. I just wasn’t into reading. As you’ll know I’m usually a pretty prolific reader (considering I don’t get much free time between the small boy and work and the rest of life). At first I thought it was just that I was extra tired (but no, not really), and then that the books on my pile just weren’t really that great, or at least not what I felt like reading. That’s not usually a problem for me – I read wide and varied – but I’ve just come home from the library with a bunch of books that I’m pretty sure I really, really want to read – including a couple of “easy” reads (a YA novel I’ve heard is great, for example) that I’m hoping will get me reading “properly” again, instead of just a couple of pages in bed at night before deciding I’m “too tired”.

That’s one part of my update – and I’m very keen to hear in the comments if you’ve had your own reading slump, and how you got out of it – but the other part is much more positive. I’m starting a short Creative Writing course on Monday! Through Facebook I won a competition run by the Sydney Writers Centre – using this photo to explain how I snatched some little bits of writing time (considering I won’t let the small boy watch TV yet):

… and as a consequence I got a voucher towards the cost of a course. Too good to go to waste, I thought, so I enrolled in their five-week Creative Writing Stage 2 course (online, of course – no Sydney holiday for me!). According to the course blurb it sounds like there’s quite a bit about character development, structuring and scene development, which I’m very keen to think more about. I’m also excited to be doing just a short course (not too much commitment required!) so that I’ll be doing some more regular writing and thinking about writing – I’m sure I’ll find that very motivating, much like when I took part in Sage Cohen’s Poem A Day challenge in January. So keep your fingers crossed for both my reading and writing!

Amanda Kendle


  1. When I’m in a reading slump, I often pick up a book I enjoyed as a kid and see how it stacks up through older, jaded eyes. 😉 I’m currently doing this with the Jedi Apprentice series and finding I still like it, but also noticing a lot of things that could have been done or written better (though being movie tie-ins, the author probably had to churn them out very quickly). I think my next reading slump will see me dissecting Enid Blyton. 😛

  2. That does sound like a good idea Lee-Ann – with the bonus that those books will be quick and easy for me to read (I love finishing books, too!) – and I do have a rather large Enid Blyton collection on the shelf just behind where I’m sitting now … Thanks!

  3. Congrats on the course! I find those kinds of environments very stimulating. “Environment” being a learning experience/mentality, not necessarily a physical classroom.

    As for reading, I am in a “slump” but mostly b/c I’m editing a manuscript for a friend, which is always slower than just reading for fun. I have been feeling restless about my reading lately, in that a bunch of the books I bought/borrowed aren’t calling to me to read them next. Usually I ignore that and just pick one and work my way into it, but it’s a bit more exciting when there’s one you just can’t stop thinking about.

  4. Hi, Amanda,

    Love the photo! And congrats on the win. Courses are so motivating to keep us focused. I have 3 different critique groups to keep me motivated–this after deciding not to pursue an MFA. That was a hard decision but I realized what I was mainly looking for was a) structure and b) fellowship…and courses or groups provide that, too. Hope you get a lot out of it.


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