The fiction writing thing all started like this:

A family legend tells my lifelong dream was to be a writer. The story takes place in my grandparents’ living room in south-west Australia. While watching a three-year-old me dance around in front of the TV, my grandmother claims to have remarked, “You could be a ballerina when you grow up.” I stopped dancing and looked seriously at my grandmother. “No!” I answered, verging on tears. “I’m going to be a writer.”

Don’t tell me a three-year-old couldn’t even read: I know this story seems improbable. But my grandmother said it was the truth, and I’m sticking to it.

Since then, I’ve done all kinds of things to avoid writing fiction. Studying mathematics at university, working in a medical faculty, living in various strange lands like Japan, Slovakia and Germany, and teaching English as a foreign language.

But the urge to write – or is it the urge to finish writing? – keeps creeping back. I get paid to write for half a dozen travel blogs and websites, but that’s (usually) not fiction. Becoming A Fiction Writer covers the journey from semi-seriously starting to write fiction again to – who knows? Hopefully, to a published novel, or more. Stay tuned.

Contact: you can get hold of Amanda at amandakendle AT gmail DOT com, or use the Contact page.


  1. Hello from Buenos Aires, Amanda. One of my regular readers sent me a link to your blog because of the Bratislava connection. My novel-before-last, published in 2005, had extensive scenes in both Bratislava and the Tatras. It is called “Possessed by Shadows.” It was my sixth novel, but the first to be set in Europe. I am currently working on one that is entirely set in Bratislava, and is essentially a sequel to Possessed. I wish you luck with your writing and getting your work published. (If you Google my name, stuff will appear about that book, and if you visit my literary blog, you may have to do a bit of searching to find references to writing, publishing, and Bratislava, but there is a lot available through the archives.)

  2. Donigan, lovely to “meet” you and I will have to look up your Bratislava novel (and look forward to the future one!). There certainly don’t seem to be too many English-language novels set there but like you I did fall in love with it and made some great friends there. Thanks for your good wishes, too.

  3. Ha, ha, this made me laugh! And we have Germany and Japan in common too, not just the procrastination! I notice you have signed up for the Jeff Goins’ Writing Challenge – how are you getting along? Did you wake up early this morning (no idea which time zone you are in)? How did it go? Good luck with everything and keep in touch – you sound very interesting!

  4. Hi Amanda,

    I just found your blog … maybe a bit too late, as I see it’s not updated since 2012.

    I also wanted to eb a writer since a very young age and when I took my aptitude and vocacional tests at high school I was even suggested becoming a script writer for my future career. But just like you I pushed it away because chances of succeeding in a writing career are rather low. I had to laugh when I read that you studied mathematics at university, so did I 🙂 And I’m a great procrastinator as well!

    Good luck with your writing journey!

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