What Amanda read in 2011

So, it’s the beginning of 2011, my fiction writing efforts have taken a big dive, and this blog has been terribly neglected – but I will get back on the horse! I’m writing a lot more at the moment (more on that to come but look at 750words.com if you need help too) and have, of course, been reading all this time. I thought the first thing to do is gather all the virtual scraps of paper where I’ve listed my 2011 reading fun and make a definitive list – I’d hate to lose the record of all these great books I’ve read and enjoyed. You’ll have seen the first twenty-odd books listed here before but I thought I’d put them all together for you … so with no further ado …

Twenty-Somewhere by Kristan Hoffman – yes, my writing friend whose blog I closely follow – someone who I know I’m going to be able to say “I knew her before she was famous”. Twenty-Somewhere was also my first ever e-book, read on my new iPad. Oh – before I forget – it’s an episodic, chick-littish read, following three college friends as their lives take different paths in their twenties – lots of fun. Continue Reading